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Oh When the Saints Go Marching In!

a forum for the open discussion of saints

When the saints go marching in...
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This community is dedicated to the discussion and promotion of saints. Saints are nebulous creatures, not necessarily Catholic, that deserve more attention. Do you have a favorite saint? Is there a saint you'd like to learn more about? This is the place to post about them!

The moderator, morganlf, created this community to be an open forum for the discussion of saints. It is not a place to discuss Catholic doctrine or to make people feel crappy about their religion or spiritual practices. I see this community as an open forum for those who can embrace all forms of spirituality dealing with saints and sanctity.


1. Post about saints from any religion!
2. Catholics are not the only people who venerate saints!
3. Do not post about issues that you KNOW will upset others. The moderator will delete said posts as soon as she sees them.