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When the saints go marching in...

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saints' days for March 25th [Mar. 25th, 2005|09:54 am]
When the saints go marching in...


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Saint Harold
Martyred child of Gloucester, England. He was reported to have been slain by Jews in the area, and was venerated as a martyr. The veneration of the child martyrs is often considered as an example of the pervasive anti-Semitism of the period.

Saint Hermenland
Evangelizer of Normandy, France, a miracle worker also called Erblon, Herbland, and Hermel and. Born near Noyon, he entered Fontenelle Abbey under St. Lambert after serving King Clotaire III. Hermenland led a group of twelve monks to evangelize Nantes, erecting an abbey on an island in the Loire. He died at Aindreete. Hermenland had a gift of prophecy and performed miracles.

And lots of others:
St. Alfwold of Sherborne (English, bishop, c. 1075)
Sts. Barontius and Desiderius (French, Benedictine hermits, c. 725)
St. Dismas ["The Good Thief"] (Israelite, probably an insurrectionist, crucified beside Jesus, c. 30)
St. Dula (from Asia Minor [Turkish], soldier's slave, virgin, martyred by stabbing in defending her chastity)
St. Harold of Gloucester (English, child martyred in 1168)
Bl. Herman of Zähringen (Germany, Benedictine monk in France, d. 1074)
St. Hermenland (French, royal cup-bearer, Benedictine abbot, c. 720)
St. Humbert of Marolles (Belgian, Benedictine abbot, c. 680)
St. Isaac (Old Testament patriarch, son of Abraham, father of Jacob and Esau)
Bl. James Bird of Winchester (English, martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] by Elizabethans at age 19 in 1593)
St. Kennocha (Scottish, nun, d. 1007)
St. Lucy Filippini [Lucia] (Italian, orphan, teacher, co-foundress of the Pious Matrons [now called Religious Teachers Filippini], d. 1732 [canonized 1930])
St. Margaret Clitherow (English, mother of three, martyred [suffocated under pressure of great weight] at age 30 by Elizabethans in 1586 [canonized 1970])
St. Melchizedek (priest, honored by patriarch Abraham)
St. Pelagius of Laodicea (from Asia Minor [Turkish], bishop, fought Arian heresy, 4th century)
St. Quirinus [also called Cyrinus] (Roman, martyred c. 269)
St. Robert of Bury Saint Edmunds (English, child martyred in 1181)
Bl. Thomas of Costacciaro (Italian, peasant, Camaldolese hermit, d. 1337)